Wordless Wednesday 19: Action Shots

Brief musings on action shots of our pets, which can be tough to get, but can also have some really great results.

For example, I stumbled upon a whole Tumblr dedicated to puppies running.  It hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but it still holds up.

Or working dogs, who can look so proud, regal and determined when in action.

This handsome guy or gal is from the National Police Dog Foundation (http://www.nationalpolicedogfoundation.org/)

This handsome guy or gal is from the National Police Dog Foundation (http://www.nationalpolicedogfoundation.org/)

And then there are Moses and Alma.





Moses again.

Moses again.

It’s really all flapping tongues and jowls with these two.  But at least they look like they’re having fun!

Alma & Moses

Alma & Moses

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Black & White Sunday 1: Isaac

I don’t intentionally neglect the cats on the Soapbox, but just to make amends I’ve featured Isaac (aka Black Cat, aka – according to canines – Mean Cat) for my first participation in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

Check out everyone else’s photos and the blog hop hosts herehere and/or here.

You’re welcome, Internet

I’m going to brush past the fact that I’ve been busy and away from Blogland for nearly a month and happily announce that I think I now have just what the internet has been missing all of these years.

Hold on, you must be thinking.  Someone else already made Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?

And you’re right. So what could it be, then?

More pictures of my dogs, of course!

And not just more pictures, but (ideally) better pictures!

You see, for the past several months, I’ve been stockpiling Airmiles until I reached my goal of 5,000.  And a couple of weeks ago, I did! Hello, new DSLR camera.

If there ever was a time to pity Moses, it would be now, as he is forced to pose for endless photos.

So now I just have to learn how to really use the camera, and Alma and Moses will be putting up with me every step of the way.


The cats aren’t off the hook, either.


You’re welcome, Internet.

Clearly thrilled about this new development.

Now I just need to figure out what my next Airmiles goal is….

Wordless Wednesday 10: Yawn

Yawning is one of the most common calming signals dogs display.

And by calming signals, I am referring to behavioural communications used by dogs to prevent things from happening such as avoiding threats from people and dogs, calming down nervousness, fear, noise and other unpleasant things. Dogs also use them for calming themselves when they feel stressed or to make others around them (both dog and human) feel calmer or more relaxed.

Yawning is just one of several calming signals, including sniffing, looking away, excessive blinking, lip-licking, among many others, and to read more about about them and how they can enhance your own understanding of your dog’s behaviour, I recommend you look up the expert on this subject, Turid Rugaas.

Mid-yawn at Frank Slide, AB last fall.

But I’m not here to write about calming signals this Wednesday, but to demonstrate Moses’ most common one: yawning.

Moses yawns during the photo shoot for the blog about his new ramp before the surgery.

I often inadvertently snap photos of Moses mid-yawn.

I could try my hardest and never purposely get this photo again.

I’m not particularly surprised taking photos makes Mo exhibit a calming signal.  I mean, I usually have him sit or lay down somewhere I think is picturesque, then I move around – backing away, sitting on the ground, hover around him – stick a camera (or iPhone) in his face, and sometimes make noises to get him to perk up.

Grass in his jowls. Nice.

Yeah, suffice it to say, I might need some calming.

Moses yawns on a walk the other day.

Oh, and to anticipate a question: yes, Moses’ tongue is spotted; a common trait for the Newfoundland breed (but not exclusive or mandatory).

Wordless Wednesday 2: Stand-Stay

In the event anyone ever asks me what the point of long term sit-stays, down-stays, or stands is, my immediate response is always this:

For the photo ops.  Obviously.

Sure, there are many other reasons, but c’mon.  Priorities, people.

And a prime example serves as this week’s Wordless Wednesday.

Caption this.