Wordless Wednesday 6: The Nation’s Capital

Wordless Wednesday: Ottawa edition!

Some of the recent dead space here at the Soapbox can be attributed to a trip to Ottawa I took earlier this month for work.  And while I spent the bulk of the daylight hours in seminars of varying degrees of interest and relevance, I spent the free hours pounding the pavement – because I am that kind of tourist.

“Just Ottawa”?  Sure.  Maybe.  To some.  But I liked it and there is lots to see in the nation’s capital if you’re so inclined and nerdy enough.  So here are some photos.  I’ll see if I can restrain myself and keep it to a minimum.

Parliament Hill – Centre Block

Lots of statues on Parliament Hill

Detail at the main doors of the Centre Block

Knowing PM Harper’s affection for cats, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by what appears to be a cat sanctuary on the grounds.

RCMP Memorial

Bell from the original clock tower that was destroyed by fire in 1916.

My favourite part – the Library (opened in 1876).

Detail of Thomas D’Arcy McGee statue – a strong 19th C advocate of Confederation.

Some door on the East Block.

East Block

West Block

Centre Block tours are free! Inside the House of Commons.

The Senate Chamber

Rotunda / Confederation Hall

From the Peace Tower, overlooking the Library, Ottawa River, and into Gatineau, QC

In the Memorial Chamber

For Canadians who died in armed conflict since Confederation.

No Harper action figure?

Centennial Flame – lit by Lester B. Pearson in 1967.

Tulip season.

The Supreme Court

Justice is pretty ominous looking.

Bank of Canada

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Laura Secord – with not a chocolate in sight.

Locks at the Rideau Canal

Creepiest sculpture ever attacking Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica.

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica – wow!

I was impressed.

Looking back to the entrance and organs above.

Now it’s headed for the National Gallery! (Note: add the National Gallery to your bucket list; it’s awesome.)

Best shot I could get of ol’ Steve’s house. Not worth the trek.

Okay, that’s all.  And I was trying to be selective.  Really!

Thoughts From A Dog Walk

I’m sure every dog owner has a similar story or account.  Not with the same content, mind you, but I’m sure each of us experiences what may be called a boilerplate conversation when strangers come across us with our dogs.

That is certainly the case when walking Moses, anyway.

Out on a walk with Moses.

A typical dog walk conversation for us starts off with a variation of this:

“Woah [or occasional expletive], that’s a big dog!”  -OR-  “Is that a bear? – har har.”

Then my end of the conversation goes a little like this:

“He’s a Newfoundland.”  (Sometimes adding, “No, not a black St. Bernard – they don’t make those.  Yes, I’m sure.”)

“175 pounds.”

“3 years old.”

“5 lbs per day. We have him on a raw diet.”

“No, no need for a large house (or yard) – he’s a pretty low energy dog and goes for an hour walk every day.”

“The shedding isn’t too bad – it’s the drool you have to watch out for.”

“He’s the size of an adult person; how much do you think he poops?”

That last one is more common than you’d think.  Weird, I know.

And apparently I’m not the only Newfoundland owner with these template encounters.  I found this magnet for sale online here.

No saddle, but we do have a cart.

Then, earlier this month, we were dogsitting Juniper, a Bernese Mountain Dog, for friends, and I got a glimpse into the typical dog conversations they must have regularly, as well.  Most notably explaining that it’s not a “Burmese” Mountain Dog, or people mis-hear and seem you think you’re introducing “Bernice, the Mountain Dog”.

Juniper & Moses

So now I’m curious – how do your default dog walk conversations go?