Monday Mischief 13: A Day in the Rockies

A long weekend means the same thing for nearly every Calgarian: a trip west to the mountains.

So we did just that.

Moses at Emerald Lake

Moses at Emerald Lake

Posing for photos

Posing for photos

Brief walk up to Hamilton Falls

Brief walk up to Hamilton Falls


Messy Moses

Quick stop at Two Jake Lake

And a quick stop at Two Jake Lake

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Monday Mischief

Black & White Sunday 4: Moses


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Wordless Wednesday 17: Happy 5th Birthday, Moses!

Ghetto Mo

We commemorated the occasion with a trip to Nose Hill Park.




Moses and a friend

Moses at Nose Hill

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One Year Later

A year ago today, this is where we were:

Post-op Moses

For newer visitors to the Soapbox, Moses underwent surgery for a subarachnoid cyst on his spine.

We were given 67% odds that surgery would result in long-term favourable results.

Now, 12 months later, though we are still in the short term period, I am happy to report we have seen nothing but favourable results.

Can Moses go back to pulling the cart?

Sadly these days are behind us.

Can Moses go back to coming on long, strenuous hikes and backpacking trips?

Unfortunately not.

But just because Moses may never be back to 100% of his previous physical ability means very little.

Is he still able to go on fun walks?

You bet!

Is he still able to play and wrestle with Alma?


Can he still fetch sticks from the river?

Like a pro.

And get disgusting with a raw bone like the rest of them?


To put Moses through the surgery was a big and expensive risk to take, but I would not go back change our decision one bit.

Here’s to many more years!

And he can still sit-stay with the best of ’em, too!

Monday Mischief 5: The Peace Bridge

Last weekend, Calgary’s new famous (or perhaps ‘infamous’) landmark opened for public use, so I thought Moses and I should check it out.

There has been no shortage of controversy over the bridge since it was approved: the price tag ($25 million), the location, the design and build by a Spanish (instead of Canadian) company, and a routine weld inspection that resulted in major delays and extra work as a result of different requirements between Canada and Spain.   It was a hot topic in municipal politics here.

So of course I had to see first hand the results of all the commotion.

Heading to the bridge.

It’s a pedestrian bridge into downtown Calgary.

Moses feeling peaceful.

Across the bridge.

Not a bad landmark to have, I say.

I was not actually able to locate the reason why this bridge was named the “Peace Bridge”, but based on the turmoil caused in City Hall, its title is nothing short of ironic.

In any event, it’s done now and I think it looks great – another interesting piece of architecture to add to our city.

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Moses’ Fourth Birthday

Moses’ last year was a busy one with a couple big events.

Looking back: Moses on his third birthday

First, there was the whole business of major surgery to remove a cyst on his spinal cord and the long recovery that ensued.

Moses stands again for the first time. Happily, all that fur has grown back.

Then, we adopted him a sibling.

Moses & Alma at play

Here’s hoping the big guy’s next year is much less eventful.

Happy Birthday, Moses.

Eight Weeks Later

Eight weeks ago today, this is where we were at:

Moses at the vet after surgery to remove the cyst on his spine.

But now check out where we’re at!

Up and at 'em on a first official walk!

That’s right!

And eight weeks post-op is the milestone we’ve definitely all been waiting for (especially Moses, I imagine), because it means we can begin easing into a walking routine!

So Moses and I went out this afternoon for his first walk in eight weeks.

Still waiting for the fur to finish growing back.

For the next two weeks, we’ll start out with two 5 minute walks daily, and once those two weeks are up, we can slowly start to increase time based on his progress.

Walks resume just in time for fall weather.

And even though five minutes is ridiculously short, it’s still better than nothing, and it was great to get back out with the big guy.

Was going through surgery expensive and stressful?  Yes.  But it was worth it.

And unlike our short pre-opt walks, there was no tripping or scraped knuckles.  He may be a bit clumsy still, but the improvement has been great to see.

I even made a short video to commemorate the first walk back:


What a good day.