You’re welcome, Internet

I’m going to brush past the fact that I’ve been busy and away from Blogland for nearly a month and happily announce that I think I now have just what the internet has been missing all of these years.

Hold on, you must be thinking.  Someone else already made Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?

And you’re right. So what could it be, then?

More pictures of my dogs, of course!

And not just more pictures, but (ideally) better pictures!

You see, for the past several months, I’ve been stockpiling Airmiles until I reached my goal of 5,000.  And a couple of weeks ago, I did! Hello, new DSLR camera.

If there ever was a time to pity Moses, it would be now, as he is forced to pose for endless photos.

So now I just have to learn how to really use the camera, and Alma and Moses will be putting up with me every step of the way.


The cats aren’t off the hook, either.


You’re welcome, Internet.

Clearly thrilled about this new development.

Now I just need to figure out what my next Airmiles goal is….