Happy Holidays!

Just taking a quick reprieve from my technology-free recovery to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best for 2012!

Alma napping under the tree.

Moses wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Newfs (and a cat) under the tree.

Wordless Wednesday 12: Hiatus

Well, I must apologize to all for the recent silence on the Soapbox, and it looks like there will be more ‘wordless’ to come in the near future.

You, see, at a regular eye exam last week, my optometrist spotted a detached retina in my left eye and it was off for Scleral buckle surgery on Friday morning for me.  Nothing caused it – lucky me, just a congenital condition that can happen when you have strong near-sightedness, as I do.

But since then, and for quite some time yet, I am to avoid reading, watching TV, and computers, which has meant for some very boring time off , and I am briefly violating that for this quick note.

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays!

I will have a lot of blog reading to catch up on when I get back!

Moses and Alma don’t mind having the extra company.

Monday Mischief 1: Holiday Prep

This entry is a part of the Monday Mischief blog hop.

It’s hard to believe just over a week ago, this was how I spent my time.

Reading on a beach in Samaná

But back home, it’s time to get ready for the holidays and one of my favourite parts – putting up the tree!

Moses and Alma helped

Two Newfs (and two cats, if you look closely) under the tree

We also got a tonne of snow this weekend, so it finally does feel like the season.

My walking buddies didn’t seem to mind.  (And my only regret was not bringing snow shoes.)

Moses, Alma, and our guest for the week, Dion

The pups also had time to practice some skills inside, too.

Level One: Beginner Stays

Level 2: Intermediate Stay

Level 3: Advanced Stays

Hope you had a great weekend!

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