Wordless Wednesday 4: Telephone

You know the drill:  caption this!

(Laziest blog post to date?  Most definitely.)

Guest appearance in photograph by Levi, the lab.

Wordless Wednesday 3: Big Giant Head

I know, I know.  Wordless Wednesday two weeks in a row, without much content in between, no less.  What a neglectful blogger.

Well, I assure you it has been a busy week with my time spent well, but elsewhere.  I will make it up to you eventually.

In the meantime, here is a photo to distract you.  Caption it at will.  Bonus points/special accolades to anyone who properly identifies the location.

Wordless Wednesday 2: Stand-Stay

In the event anyone ever asks me what the point of long term sit-stays, down-stays, or stands is, my immediate response is always this:

For the photo ops.  Obviously.

Sure, there are many other reasons, but c’mon.  Priorities, people.

And a prime example serves as this week’s Wordless Wednesday.

Caption this.

Wordless Wednesday 1: Now, with words!

I’m not sure if it was through Twitter or by following other bloggers, but when I first learned about Wordless Wednesday, I thought it was a very interesting idea.  Many bloggers have adopted the trend, and all you simply do is post a funny or interesting photo, and leave it up to readers to suggest the appropriate caption.

It sounds fun, easy, and ingenious.

Therefore, I am herein jumping on the bandwagon.  Not with weekly intentions, but instead as I see fit or as I come across or take an intriguing photo. I often think my blog is a little word-heavy, anyway.

And after yesterday’s post, I’d really just like to lighten the mood for a moment.

Granted, this has already become a rather wordy Wordless Wednesday, so let’s have at ‘er!

Your mission: caption this photo:

Nope, it’s not a dog photo.  I surprise even myself sometimes.