No Respect

It’s been a weird summer for animal encounters.

The approaching coyote was one thing, and even that has been followed with a couple less-interesting sightings and passings-by.

But then I started noticing other weird wildlife anomalies on our dog walks.

I mean, just the other night, Moses, Alma and I are walking along and right next to us in the green space are two little bunnies are frolicking around, playing chase with one another.   In the wide open.  Just a few metres away.

They were pretty cute. [photo:]

I wasn’t too worried – I figured they’d take off as we got closer.

But I figured wrong.

They carried on their merry way, pausing only to briefly look at us.  Moses looked up at me, either to ask if he could play too or wondering wtf was up with them – I couldn’t tell which.

I considered this was perhaps a crop of highly evolved urban bunnies, recognizing on-leash domestic dogs as non-threatening.  Either that or they’re the not-so-smart bunnies and natural selection will do them in eventually.

However, on subsequent walks I noticed an emerging trend – the rabbits don’t scatter like they used to.  They may perk up and meander out of the way to clear the side walk, but there is no hurried evacuation of days past.

Alma – camouflaged

Then tonight we passed a random neighbourhood cat on the road.

And instead of deferring to the dogs-chase-cats default response, said cat sat down, maintained his ground, and looked on with tired indifference as we passed.

Add this to the magpies that torment Moses and Alma in the back yard, and I would like to know: wtf is up, Mother Nature?!


There is a hierarchy. A food chain. And it ought to be respected.

Moses and Alma are canines.  Big canines.  Like 180lbs, in Mo’s case.

They are carnivorous predators.

Eaters of raw flesh and bone.

Moses – he’s vicious

Those lower on the food chain – those scavengers and animals of prey – should be trembling in fear as Moses and Alma approach, scrambling for safety and cover.

Or… at least can’t they pretend?  I mean c’mon.  For the sake of decorum?  And tradition?

No respect, I tell ya.

Mo & Al

Perhaps this guy said it best: