A Monster and a Teddy Bear

I will be the first to admit our dogs have more toys than they need.

The least intense game of tug-of-war ever.

And Moses isn’t one of those “toy-destroyers”, either.

They get dirty, mangled, chewed up, de-stuffed, but are still in suitable “play condition”, and we’ve never thrown one out.

Moses the day we got him - this toy is still in commission.

Which means we just accumulate more dog toys over time.

So, when we adopted Alma, of course we bought a couple more.

Despite our growing collection, Moses has always had one toy in particular he favours.

Moses' favourite toy is NOT the elephant.

Moses’ favourite toy is not even a dog toy, but a teddy bear he adopted early on as his own.  And we consented.

Over the years, the teddy bear has been de-stuffed, lost its head, survived a trip or two through the washing machine, yet it remains his favourite.

We’ve always rotated the rest of the toys, but the teddy bear is perpetually out.

Moses and his teddy bear

And it’s not that he even really plays with his teddy bear.  He does what you see above – and that’s pretty much it.

And yes, it’s stinkin’ adorable.

Alma, on the other hand, doesn’t give the teddy bear the time of day.

But she has also adopted a favourite.

Alma and her monster

Alma’s prized toy is her monster – one of the ones we bought the weekend we adopted her.  It’s actually very similar in a lot of ways to the teddy bear, except that she can pounce on it, toss it around, and make it squeak.

And I knew it was her favourite when I snapped this:

Alma napping with her monster.

And just like Alma with the teddy bear, Moses doesn’t really show any interest in the monster.

Though, I am happy to report that while each dog seems to have a favourite, neither gets bent out of shape if the other shows an interest.

So now a question for you:  Do your pets have any favoured toys?

The teddy bear and the monster - just waiting to be played with. Like a crusty, drooly version of Toy Story.