One Year Later

A year ago today, this is where we were:

Post-op Moses

For newer visitors to the Soapbox, Moses underwent surgery for a subarachnoid cyst on his spine.

We were given 67% odds that surgery would result in long-term favourable results.

Now, 12 months later, though we are still in the short term period, I am happy to report we have seen nothing but favourable results.

Can Moses go back to pulling the cart?

Sadly these days are behind us.

Can Moses go back to coming on long, strenuous hikes and backpacking trips?

Unfortunately not.

But just because Moses may never be back to 100% of his previous physical ability means very little.

Is he still able to go on fun walks?

You bet!

Is he still able to play and wrestle with Alma?


Can he still fetch sticks from the river?

Like a pro.

And get disgusting with a raw bone like the rest of them?


To put Moses through the surgery was a big and expensive risk to take, but I would not go back change our decision one bit.

Here’s to many more years!

And he can still sit-stay with the best of ’em, too!