Shave my Newfoundland Dog?

Should you shave your Newfoundland Dog?

Short answer:


I’ve written about this issue before and in more detail (which you can read here), but the sheer number of search terms bringing people to the Soapbox made me want to revisit it with succinct clarity.

Should you shave your Newfoundland?

Should you shave your St. Bernard?

Should you shave your Great Pyrenees?  German Shepherd? Husky? Samoyed?  Pomeranian?  Tibetan Mastiff? Collie? Golden Retriever?

Your cat?

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The answer is no.

No.  No.  NO.

How do you shave your Newfoundland dog?  Easy: you don’t!

Double coats keep dogs cool in the summer the same way they keep them warm in the winter, and are imperative to your dog being able to regulate his or her temperature.  Shaving it will just make them itchy and at risk of sunburn.   If you want to keep them cool, keep them in the shade and make sure they have access to lots of fresh water.  Get a swamp cooler vest if you must.   Keep them inside.  Take them swimming.  You have lots of options; shaving your dog isn’t a smart one.

Shedding is your headache?  Then brush your dog more.  Or pay a groomer to brush them.  Shaving will just interrupt their shedding cycle and it won’t actually stop shedding – the hair will just be shorter.

And with any shaving, there’s no guarantee it grows back nicely… or even the same colour.  Shaving your dog won’t keep them cool, won’t stop shedding, and you can do irreparable harm to a double coat by shaving it.

But if anyone is still having trouble with this concept, I made something to help.

You know how I like charts and graphs, right?  Well decision trees are the most fun.

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Should I Shave My Dog

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