I was going to write a blog post, but instead I…

… had homework to do.

… had to take Alma to dog class.

… decided to watch Hemingway and Gellhorn.

… had to clean the house, since the cleaner took a week off. (#firstworldproblems #whitewhine)

… had to brush the dogs (related to the foregoing excuse).

… took a nap (note: intentional).

… fell asleep (note: unintentional).

… actually participated in social events with other human beings.

… decided to read some blog posts instead of write one.

… had to take the dogs and the new camera out and play “hometown tourist”.  See for yourself:

Moses and an artsy bench

Moses again.

Thirsty Moses

Alma and a new friend

Alma and… you guessed it

At the library

Having a seat

Seriously? We’re still doing this?

Besides, with all the seriously messed up headlines in the national news this week, who doesn’t need some light photo entertainment as a distraction?