I Love My Vet!

Remember last week when I wrote this post that had some not-so-subtle undertones of frustration and anger?

Well my tune has changed!

And there is a very good reason my favourite vet is my favourite.

Now, I know I mentioned I have a veritable team of veterinary experts for the care of our furry ones, but within that team, I do have a couple MVPs.  One, of course, is Moses’ surgeon.  And the other is more of a ‘regular practitioner’, if I had to put a label on his practice, but I’ll just call him The Best.

We’ve gone to The Best for more of your regular-type veterinary needs: spayed Emma, neutered Moses.  He gave us free post-op check-ups and took care of Moses’ staples at no charge after he bloated in Vancouver.  He’s no-nonsense and good humoured, and doesn’t baby talk to me or my dogs.  And to top it off, I overhead him recommend another client check out Tail Blazers for nutrition advice and good quality foods for their dogs; that alone is commendable!

So why didn’t I start there first when I needed veterinary advice?

Good question.

Alma was a little over-enthusiastic tackling an elk antler, and she’d pushed a tooth out of alignment – a lower incisor.

When she did it, it was immediately clear something was wrong because she was visibly bothered by some sort of ailment, pouting and playing Adele’s Someone Like You on repeat.

After giving her a thorough inspection and eliminating any wounds, broken bones, or digestive issues, I pried open her mouth and could easily see the tooth was pushed forward and no longer nicely in line with its neighbours, and the gums around it were quite red and swollen.  She’d still eat, but had no interest in chewing on or playing with toys.

She was clearly in pain, so I wanted to take her into the vet sooner than later.  And that is the problem with The Best – I’m not the only who thinks he’s great, and the office is always busy.

So I made a call to a vet office close to home who could get us in the next day.  We’re no strangers to them, either, as members of the ‘team’ who let us pop in just to use the scale or get up-to-date on rabies vaccines.

Of course, by the next morning Alma’s bubbly personality had reappeared, but the gums were still a bit red and swollen and I figured it would be best to get it checked out anyway.

One consultation later and I’m walking out with a tentative appointment, quote upwards of $800, and no confidence.

Second opinion time!

I booked us an appointment with The Best and called around to just talk general numbers with some other clinics.

By the time our appointment came around last night, Alma was back to nearly normal: the tooth was still misaligned, but the gums were no longer swollen and she was back to tackling that antler.

The diagnosis?  Her overall dental health is great and yep, she gave herself malocclusion (misaligned tooth), but no medical intervention is necessary and it will heal up just fine if we lay off the antlers for the next while.  We’ll go back in a couple of months for a follow-up just to make sure all is still well.

And there you have it.  I just saved a lot of money and The Best is even better in my books!

Even more importantly, Alma’s going to be just fine and we’re not putting her through any unnecessary procedures.

This is all quite timely considering February is Pet Dental Health Month.

Now that Alma's got a clean bill of health, time to give your pup's pearly whites a check. And when in doubt, always get a second (or third) opinion! Maybe you'll even find some Dental Health Month promotional pricing.