Monday Mischief 5: The Peace Bridge

Last weekend, Calgary’s new famous (or perhaps ‘infamous’) landmark opened for public use, so I thought Moses and I should check it out.

There has been no shortage of controversy over the bridge since it was approved: the price tag ($25 million), the location, the design and build by a Spanish (instead of Canadian) company, and a routine weld inspection that resulted in major delays and extra work as a result of different requirements between Canada and Spain.   It was a hot topic in municipal politics here.

So of course I had to see first hand the results of all the commotion.

Heading to the bridge.

It’s a pedestrian bridge into downtown Calgary.

Moses feeling peaceful.

Across the bridge.

Not a bad landmark to have, I say.

I was not actually able to locate the reason why this bridge was named the “Peace Bridge”, but based on the turmoil caused in City Hall, its title is nothing short of ironic.

In any event, it’s done now and I think it looks great – another interesting piece of architecture to add to our city.

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