Monday Mischief 6: Kananaskis Hike

With only a few summer weekends left, we had to make the most of it and head to the mountains for a day hike.

Alma and the view from old Pigeon Lookout, down into the Kananaskis Valley

We decided to hike up McConnell Ridge to the Barrier Lake lookout.

Our GPS stats: a 14km round trip (taking Jewel Pass out), and a 1,700 foot elevation gain.

Moses had to sit this one out, but Dion, our houseguest for the weekend, came with us

Came across a little waterfall

And then stopped for some swimming in the lake on the way back.

Seriously – throw it!

A joint effort bringing back the stick

Hmm… I wonder how big the stick has to be before Dion won’t retrieve it….

No problem.

Alma offers moral support

Eventually it was time to shake off and resume heading back

Looking back on the lake and the ridge we hiked up earlier – great way to spend a day!

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