Rescue Me Week: Bubblegum

Today, I am participating in Rescue Me Week, generously organized by Mayzie’s Dog Blog.

The purpose of Rescue Me Week is to feature an adoptable pet in need of a home.  At the end of the week, 5 participants will be drawn to receive a $100 donation to a rescue organization of his/her choice.

For Rescue Me Week, I am going to write about Bubblegum.

This is Bubblegum. (Photo: Eye Catching Moments Photography,

Bubblegum is currently up for adoption through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (click for her ad on their website), and has been up for adoption through AARCS for over a year now.

Bubblegum out on a hike

Bubblegum is about two and a half years old. I’ve heard her described as a Shepherd-cross and a Bernese Mountain Dog-cross, so I suppose the jury’s still out on that one.

Bubblegum’s original owners made some “training mistakes” which lead to misuse of a prong collar and Bubblegum learning to use her teeth to get out of unpleasant situations.  The owners, now afraid of their bitey dog, surrendered her to AARCS.

But Bubblegum’s story doesn’t end there.

Bubblegum is basically the resident dog at BowDog Canine Specialists here in Calgary, spending lots of time with the owners, staff, and other dogs enjoying the facilities.

Playtime at BowDog

Personally, I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with Bubblegum on a handful of occasions, and I must say, after the amount of work her dedicated foster family(ies) have put in, I seriously did not have a clue about her bitey past until I looked up her history for this post on the AARCS website and Facebook page.

Bubblegum is a sweet dog; in my experiences with her, I’ve found her to be pretty great with both people and other dogs.  And I know she’s had her hand (paw?) in helping to train new BowDog staff members in the ways of dog walking.

What do you mean you're "tired"?

Bubblegum is housetrained, and would benefit from being adopted by a household with another energetic dog.  She doesn’t have a lot of experience with small children, and even though her limited interactions have gone very well, she would best suit a home without any.  She also has experience with cats, and although she may be curious about them, it is reportedly relatively easy to re-focus her should she be tempted to chase.

However, Bubblegum is still not a dog for first-time owners.  She has a lot of energy to burn, and will require lots of mental and physical stimulation.  She responds well to training, and will need committed owners who can earn her trust, build her confidence, and help her improve her manners.  Due to her history, Bubblegum can have a little bit of leash reactivity, and can sometimes find herself getting overexcited and a little rough when playing with other dogs.  Anyone considering adopting Bubblegum will need to be prepared to do some dedicated training with her – in fact, Bubblegum comes with training classes for her and her new family, paid for by AARCS and BowDog!

The bottom line: Bubblegum is still highly adoptable, and the “issues” noted aren’t anything that can’t be worked through with the right family and the right amount of knowledge, dedication, and the awesome support system BowDog and AARCS provide.

Not to mention, she’s a beautiful dog!  When I asked Hailey, owner of BowDog and fellow co-founder of Actions Speak Louder (Calgary), if there was anything specific I should mention about Bubblegum, she replied “she’s gorgeous, people always gravitate towards her”.

She’s got no shortage of personality, either!


It would be so great see Bubblegum adopted by the right family – I’m sure her wait will be worth it.

If you think you, or someone you know, might be able to give Bubblegum the home she needs, fill out an adoption application on the AARCS website or arrange a time to meet her by contacting BowDog.

I would like to thank Mayzie’s Dog Blog for coming up with the excellent idea of Rescue Me Week – what a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one and also help some pets in need.  When I first read about the idea, I instantly knew I would be writing about Bubblegum.  In the event I am one of the lucky five drawn for a $100 donation, I would like my donation to go to the group responsible for Bubblegum’s care:  Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.