Monday Mischief 4: A Tale of Two Newfs

It was a beautiful weekend to spend some time outside.  So that’s exactly what we did.

I took the pups out for some off-leash time at our nearest complete 360° enclosure – and brought the camera for some blog fodder.

The Newfs found a ring I assume someone else used for fetch and subsequently lost and left behind. You can tell who is clearly working harder in this picture.

Reviewing some of the footage, I found this clip that could not more perfectly illustrate the difference between Moses and Alma.

Though, I should note, at home there’s a lot more wrestling, since Alma caters to Moses’ play style much more in our yard (and in the house).

She started it.

Of course, after our off leash fun, it turned out all three of us were up to some mischief when I saw a sign similar to the following on our way out:


Rest assured all poop was scooped and no ball games were hindered.

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