A Soapbox First

Holy!  My first guest post!

That’s right, today I’m filling in over at the great blog Rescued Insanity.

I would like to thank Kristine for asking me to guest blog while she takes a well-deserved break.  It really is an honour.  And just goes to show her dedication as a blogger, as some of us out there (*ahem* yours truly) just let their blogs wane and gather dust when they are busy or away.

In any event, I did my best to include all of the key ingredients you typically find in a Rescued Insanity post: good writing; interest; humour; education; food for thought (literally, or not).

As I told Kristine, I tried my best not to drag her good name through the mud.  And I must say, the other guest bloggers that have been revealed to date have really set the bar high.

You can decide how well I kept up on those expectations.

Click here to check out Rescued Insanity.

Moses & Alma in Montana