Remember not so long ago when I shared this video of Alma and Moses and how they each make use of off-leash time?

To me, the video is a great illustration of one of the big differences between Moses and Alma.

Sure, they have a lot in common: they’re both black Newfoundlands, they’re both respectful of the cats, they both are happy to just sleep at our feet when we’re at home, and together they create a symphony of snores.

But they are pretty different, too (in more than just size), and I think the video shows a good example of how Alma really capitalizes on a good energy burst.  When Moses discovers the effort it would require to play chase with Alma, he lets inertia take over and has a seat, while she gallops around like a lunatic in the background.

Now, that’s not to say they don’t play; they often do.  But Moses has never been one to entertain a game of chase for more than a few strides – the games can come to him.

Similarly, I recently took this photo which I also think illustrates what the two of them do and do not have in common with one another:

Moses and Alma

If I had to get all sentimental and pick adjectives that generalise each of them, I’d describe Moses as calm and pensive and Alma as inquisitive and merry.

But then I looked a bit closer at that picture and noticed another major difference:  Moses is filthy!

Seriously.  Especially compared to Alma, whose shorter coat and smaller jowls keep regular grooming much easier to stay on top of.

Alma and some grubby dog who couldn't possibly be Moses.

How on earth did I not notice that before?  It really took a more objective – and shocked – examination of a photo of my own dog to realise he looked like some neglected homeless mutt.

Well, someone* sure has been neglecting grooming duties.  And in spring of all seasons!  For shame!

So out came the rake, comb, and pin brush, as well as the spray-in conditioner (a must!), and after some quality grooming time, Moses is once again ready for public appearances.

Much better!

At least until the next time he goes outside.  Or eats.  Or drools.

And there it is.

Well, at least I tried.


*It’s me.  I admit it.