February is ‘What’ Month?

Is it just me, or do an overwhelming number of causes seem to be staking their claim to the month of February?

Without raising awareness for any number of causes, February is already pretty busy with perhaps some of the most ridiculous cultural observances.  Groundhog Day is on the 2ndWorld Nutella Day is on the 5th (not ridiculous).  Valentine’s Day is on the 14th.  Family Day also brings the year’s first long weekend (also not ridiculous), and occasionally February has an extra day, which isn’t very remarkable and is mostly a just pain when it comes to calculating certain kinds of interest.

February 5: World Nutella Day

I don’t exactly know what it is about February that is so attractive for Random Cause Awareness, and I also don’t know why it just struck me this year, but there seems to be a lot going on these 28 days.  Is this because it provides for the shortest possible campaign?

First and foremost is Black History Month, which is not only the most legitimate cause staking claim to the month, but it’s also been in place since 1976.  The rules of shotgun are pretty clear.

Second most renowned would probably be American Heart Month, drawing attention to heart health and cardiovascular disease, and marketing the connection with Valentine imagery.

And as I’ve recently learned, people concerned with our teeth have also decided February is the month to target (not November – post-Halloween?), declaring it both National Dental Month and National Pet Dental Health Month.

So, while questions arise about whether or not an awareness month means we can or do neglect certain issues the rest of the year (I don’t know about you, but I brush and floss outside of February, too), I also wondered, what other ‘month’ is February?

As it turns out, lots.  Perhaps winter boredom means we have more time to dedicate to various causes?  Or perhaps certain companies have figured out that declaring a day or month in the name of something leads to easy and efficient marketing?  And is there something to be said about the plethora of odd February causes detracting from the few legitimate ones?

In any event, some of February’s highlights include:

Great American Pies Month
Library Lovers Month (maybe this should be year round)
National Bird Feeding Month
National Boost-Your-Self-Esteem Month (after those failed New Year’s resolutions?)
National Canned Food Month (because winter means less fresh food?)
National Care About Your Indoor Air Month
National Get To Know and Independent Real Estate Broker Month
National Grapefruit Month (canned?)
National Hot Breakfast Month
National Snack Food Month
National Chocolate Lover’s Month (buy yourself Valentine’s chocolate without the guilt?)
National Sweet Potato Month
National Time Management Month
National Weddings Month
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
Spunky Old Broads Month

It’s getting a little ridiculous, isn’t it?

Now, instead of having to pick and choose where your focus will be throughout February, I think I’ve figured out a way to knock out all of less significant observances in one shot: one meal at a library with a spunky old broad who just happens to be a real estate broker, serving heart-shaped crepes with Nutella and canned grapefruit, and a side of sweet potato hash browns, finished off with a slice of pie and some pretzels.  While heading out to brush you and your pets’ teeth, you scatter some birdseed and breadcrumbs, and return a couple of shopping carts –all while wearing formal wedding attire.  I think completing all of the above would be some excellent time management, which, of course, should boost your self-esteem.


Burt Reynolds celebrates his birthday in February. Isn’t that interesting?