Dog People Problems

You’re probably familiar with the meme.

It comes in two formats:  “_______ People Problems” or “_______ Problems”.

For example:

Don’t like how your new Mercedes rides?  First world problems.

Mistakenly went to the wrong Toyota Rav 4 in the superstore parking lot?  Middle class problems.

Can’t get into House of Lies because every time Don Cheadle breaks through the fourth wall you have Saved by the Bell flashbacks?  Twenty-something problems, Preppy.

Hipster problems.

Drug store out of SPF 70?  Ginger problems.

90 minute daily commute – one way?  Calgarian problems.

FIrst world problems.

Legend has it, the meme evolved from lyrics to a Matthew Good Band song.

So as I was complaining to the Husband that our sedan is no longer big enough to accommodate long family road trips after adopting Alma, it hit me: dog people problems.

Moses snoozing in the back seat of the car - back when he didn't have to share.

And there are a lot of dog people problems.

Brought only two poop bags on a walk where you needed three?  Dog people problems.

Don’t have a leash and collar set that match?  Dog people problems.

Tripe-based food is a heinous assault on the senses?  Dog people problems.

Lunchtime patio is not fido-friendly?  You guessed it: dog people problems.

Complain about the weather for Monday Mischief and get exactly what you ask for in less than 24 hours? Dog people problems. (Or Calgarian problems.)

Turns out that park isn’t off-leash after all?  The free treats offered by the bank teller aren’t grain-free?  Your local politician won’t answer your letters about the injustices of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)?  Filled up your memory card with pictures of your pets?

Dog. People. Problems.

So let’s hear ’em – what are your dog people problems?

Annoying human won't stop taking pictures? Alma problems.