Back in the fall of 2008, Moses graduated from an awesome and intensive 10 week dog training class.

As a first-time dog owner at the time, this program totally shaped the way I see dogs and our lives with them, with focus on awareness, responsibility, and safety.

Moses and his classmates

This weekend, Alma graduated from the same program.

Alma and other spring 2012 grads

Her class wrap-up – the famous Canine Olympics – was on Saturday morning, and she sure knows when it’s crunch time, because she totally delivered and was on her best behaviour!

Following in Moses’ footsteps (paw prints?), indeed.

Up against 47 competitors, she placed 4th in the stay competition – actually better than Moses did in his very first Olympic sit-stay!

But I’d say the best indicators of success are the class photos – 10 weeks prior, that would not have been possible.

And now that it’s over and I have no where to be three times per week… what are we going to do with all that time?

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