I’m Baaaaack!

It was just this morning that the Doc gave me the go-ahead to ease back into my technology-dominated lifestyle, so you can see I’ve wasted no time returning to the Soapbox.  It’s been a long month!  (Despite my frequent rule breaking over the last couple weeks.)

Belated sharing: Moses and his Christmas present

And with the time off comes so many unwritten blog posts.

I missed showing off the spoils of my winnings in the Shutterfly Christmas cards from the wonderful My Brown Newfies (pack that away for next year’s holidays?).

I missed the obligatory New Year’s post – whether it be about resolutions or the equally common stand against them.

I’ve missed trying to figure out exactly wtf Triberr is and how to work it (sorry Tribe members, I’ll get on that – where the heck is Jeff Probst, anyway!?).

By mere days I even missed out on the Pet Blogger Challenge, which I participated in last year (do I get my sidebar logo revoked?).

I’ve yet to even mention that January is Train Your Dog Month (who decides these things?), and I’ve had to repress the unexplainable crazy person urge I have to post photos of my dogs online that aided in the creation of the Soapbox in the first place.

And while I’m sure I’ve left a dark, lonely void in all your hearts with my hiatus, I’ve missed out even more being unable to keep up with regular reading of my favourite blogs.  Or – offline – reading the great books I got for Christmas, including Inside of A Dog.

Suffice it to say I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Alma liked (disemboweling) her Christmas present, too.

But it’s good to be back.

The pups on a walk from a couple nights ago. While it’s nice to get back at ‘er, I have enjoyed the extra time with Moses and Alma. And yes, that’s green(ish) grass.  In January.  In Calgary.