Ode to Dyson

This is not product placement; this is a love story.

A few months ago, Husband got me a shiny new vacuum cleaner for my birthday.

Not because he’s an insensitive spouse who was subliminally trying to tell me to clean more. No, it was because he is a thoughtful spouse who got me exactly what I wanted.

He got me a Dyson.

And not just any Dyson.  The Dyson DC25 Animal.

Sorry I missed Valentine’s Day, Dyson

And now you may be asking, what’s the big deal? Isn’t it just a vacuum?  No. Not it is not.  The Dyson will change your life.  And for pet owners, the Dyson Animal is a must.

You will never know until you experience yourself the Dyson Ball™ technology, manoeuvring around furniture with ease.  Or how about the Root Cyclone™ technology?  It doesn’t lose suction!  It has cylonic action! The centrifugal forces reach 100,000G! And it’s bagless! With washable filters!

It also came with all sorts of awesome attachments, a couple of which are so amazing I’ve never even used them:

  • Stiff Bristle Brush
  • Combination tool
  • Mini turbine head
  • Stair tool
  • Flat Out™ floor tool

And perhaps the best part is that three months after I registered our Dyson online, I got a cheerful little e-mail from Dyson Canada reminding me it was time to wash my filter in order to keep my machine in tip-top shape.  Which is great, because I wouldn’t remember that otherwise.  And I’m pretty sure I can expect these helpful reminders throughout the duration of my five-year warranty.

For pet owners, a Dyson is a must for getting rid of hair, dust, dander, and all those lovely extras that pets bring into to your home.  The first time I used it, I remember being astonished at how quickly that cylinder filled with dust and particles the old, obsolete vacuum missed; it was equally disgusting and impressive.  And I am pleased to report that in our household it’s just as effective on tile as it is on the carpet, which is a huge deal.

And when Moses starts his seasonal shedding, Dyson is the first place I turn to – it keeps the house clean, and therefore maintains my sanity.  Who says Newfs and neat freaks aren’t compatible?

So that’s it.  I adore my Dyson.  I don’t want to marry it or anything, because that would be excessively weird, but it’s definitely my favourite appliance.

In the pre-Dyson era (P.D.), brushing Moses and wine went hand-in-hand.