Eight Weeks Later

Eight weeks ago today, this is where we were at:

Moses at the vet after surgery to remove the cyst on his spine.

But now check out where we’re at!

Up and at 'em on a first official walk!

That’s right!

And eight weeks post-op is the milestone we’ve definitely all been waiting for (especially Moses, I imagine), because it means we can begin easing into a walking routine!

So Moses and I went out this afternoon for his first walk in eight weeks.

Still waiting for the fur to finish growing back.

For the next two weeks, we’ll start out with two 5 minute walks daily, and once those two weeks are up, we can slowly start to increase time based on his progress.

Walks resume just in time for fall weather.

And even though five minutes is ridiculously short, it’s still better than nothing, and it was great to get back out with the big guy.

Was going through surgery expensive and stressful?  Yes.  But it was worth it.

And unlike our short pre-opt walks, there was no tripping or scraped knuckles.  He may be a bit clumsy still, but the improvement has been great to see.

I even made a short video to commemorate the first walk back:


What a good day.

Longer Days Ahead

Though I had alluded to it in my last post, I thought I probably shouldn’t leave my readers and friends hanging when it comes to Moses’ health roller-coaster.

Moses was diagnosed with a spinal cyst.

Last Monday, we had our meeting with the surgeon.  I can’t say we went there completely objective and undecided; in the days leading up to the appointment we’d pretty much decided we’d be going forward with surgery if we got the reassurances we were looking for.

We did.

The studies I had found on my own were accurate representations of a prognosis: short-term outcome (up to 2 years post-surgery) has very good odds (93%), and long-term outcome has decent odds (70%) – which actually is considered quite positive when it’s a neurological condition.  And Moses’ overall health otherwise, age, and our relatively early diagnosis all work in his favour.  Not to mention the surgeon has experience with these cysts and the procedure and is confident herself.

The other side of the conversation is that without surgery, Moses will not get better.  Medical management may slow progression, but he won’t gain any motion back and will certainly continue to get worse.

So Moses goes in for surgery on Monday.

He will probably be in the vet’s care for a couple of days and will need a lot of help getting around, and some physio appointments.

The Husband has already started thinking about how to put together a wheelchair to assist in the rehab process, similar to the one to the left.

And the long-term hope is that Moses returns to a happy, healthy, moderately active dog at the end of it all.

No more carting, no extraneous hikes in the mountains, but we’d like to see him able to play and swim again, go back to hour-long daily walks, and just generally accompany us everywhere, just like before.

There’s a certain amount of anxiety about how things will go on Monday, but we’re staying positive.

And no, going forward with surgery wasn’t the cheapest decision – but he’s worth it.

Fingers crossed.