Monday Mischief 2: Three Dog Walk

This post is part of the Monday Mischief Blog Hop.

There was lots of mischief to be had this weekend as Moses’ First Wife, Juniper the Bernese Mountain Dog was over for a visit.

Moses and his Sister Wives*, Alma and Juniper

Having Juniper around is a lot like having a second Alma around and the three of them with – with the two cats – definitely makes a fur-filled full house.

Moses sits quietly and looks at the two of them getting a little over-excited and bouncy when I pull out the leashes and it’s time to go for a walk; I can only assume he’s thinking “bitches be crazy”.  At least that’s what I’m thinking.

And speaking of a walk, I’ve now set a personal record for most pounds of canine companions in one walk:  370!

The three of them are a treat to walk.  Though, it becomes a bit of a spectacle in the neighbourhood, and passers-by gawk or stop and want to meet the dogs, so it does make it a bit difficult to get anywhere quickly.

But I thought I would share the sight and set up a little video to share.

*Apologies to any Mormon readers who may take offence.  Unless you’re Mitt Romney; you know what you did.