Slobber… Appreciation?

Leave it to another owner of two Newfs to morbidly declare November 16 National Slobber Appreciation Day.

It’s weird, but it’s right up our alley!

Moses exhibiting frozen slobber

Moses exhibiting frozen slobber

Moses is a drooly dog. There’s no getting past it.

Alma, while less so with her smaller jowls, still has moments befitting any Newf.



As a brand-new dog owner when we got Moses, I was really quite… well, prissy, when it came to the drool. Or at least I used to be. We would carry “drool rags” everywhere with us, and we’d wipe him down before meeting new people.

Moses and his drool bib, during his brief show dog career

A young Moses and his drool bib, during his brief show dog career

But now? Well, after you experience finding drool on your walls, ceiling, bookshelves, car windows… and get drool flung on your clothes, in your hair, and – the ultimate of grossness – on your face… let’s just say the drool rags are long gone.

It’s now pet-at-your-own-risk if you want to meet the Newfs.

The Splash Zone: Enter at your own risk

The Splash Zone: Enter at your own risk

It took a while – and a healthy stock of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – to fully come to terms with the drool, but it’s all about trade-offs.

For example, a little visible slobber means more people leave you alone to enjoy a nice, peaceful dog walk.

And I’d much rather deal with occasional drool than excessive shedding.

Moses taking some tips from Tyra and 'making it work'

Moses taking some tips from Tyra and ‘making it work’

Now, that’s not to say Newfs don’t shed.

Just like “dry-mouth” Newfs are a myth, so are non-shedding or hypo-allergenic dogs – it’s just a matter of how much and what type of coat.

Grooming supplies: dog, brush, wine.

Grooming supplies: dog, brush, wine.

Newfoundlands, with their double coat, shed mostly as the seasons change; it’s particularly bad in the spring as they slim down for summer. But their oily water-dog coat means their fur doesn’t stick to clothes or furniture. Instead, it gathers on the floor and roams around the house like soft, charcoal tumbleweeds.

I compare this to the shedding of labs, retrievers, and shepherds, where you can’t leave the house without a lint roller. To me, a little slobber is easy to handle in comparison.

A pair of slobbery Newfs

A pair of slobbery Newfs

So, do I appreciate slobber? I don’t know I’d go that far. But I certainly appreciate Moses and Alma.

For more of Slobber Appreciation Day, go visit My Brown Newfies.

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Writing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 90% pictures of my dogs; 10% miscellaneous opinions nobody asked for.

16 Responses to Slobber… Appreciation?

  1. Elizabeth K says:

    As the proud keeper of two prolific molters who do not slobber, I have to tell you, that one picture up there? Yeah, I will not be able to get it out of my head for a long time. What was this post about again?

  2. I think Newf owners are just a breed all of their own:)

    Why didn’t I know that Moses use to show? Maybe I missed that over the years. I love all the pictures and your detailed splash zone diagram! Thanks for joining in the fun today! Hugs and kisses to Moses and Alma!

  3. DogsMom says:

    Happy Slobber Appreciation Day!

    My monsters both slobber and shed. We could groom constantly and I don’t think it would make a lot of difference. But once you own a Newf (or several) you will never want to be without.

  4. thatmutt says:

    Newfs are the only dogs I know who drool more than my dog. I just embrace the drool. You have to. Some visitors do not appreciate having their pants slimed however!

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  6. Kristine says:

    Happy Slobber Appreciation Day! Alas, Shiva does not drool very often so we don’t have a great picture to share that compares with the ones of Moses and Alma. She is a 24/7 shedder and I have learned to live with finding dog fur pretty much everywhere.

    I would be honoured if either of your dogs slobbered on me.

  7. Donna doesn’t slobber unless she is panting heavily from thunder. I like that the newf hair doesn’t stick to fabric!! Obviously Donna’s hair sticks everywhere – –

  8. harrispen says:

    This was so funny! Your pictures really illustrate your post beautifully and make me appreciate my normally drooling dogs. I few drops of slobber on the floor at meal time is nothing compared to what you deal with.


  9. raisingdaisy says:

    We saw a Boxer at the surgery who could also join in on Slobber Appreciation Day – his mom kept wiping his drool with paper towels!

  10. 2browndawgs says:

    Love it. A good way to appreciate the slobber (and shedding). 🙂

  11. a little (well, a lot) slobber is good for the soul. is it wrong that i like when it ends up on the back of that cashmere sweater that girl wore to the dog park? 😀

  12. Jessica says:

    Silas has a nice dry jowl-less mouth, but his hair sticks to everything. EVERYTHING. When I wear black knits I get asked about my cat.

  13. “I compare this to the shedding of labs, retrievers, and shepherds, where you can’t leave the house without a lint roller.”

    You mean you’ve met retriever people who still attempt to live without dog hair on their clothes? Bah.

    My whole house is the fur equivalent of your drooley “no splash zone.”

  14. Pup fan says:

    Aw… they’re pretty adorable slobberers! 🙂

  15. Amanda says:

    Hahaha, I remember the feeling of flying drool landing on my cheek whilst out for a walk with Moses – as I was picking up poop, no less!

  16. FleaByte says:

    Hmm. The Newfies are gorgeous dogs, but I’mma hafta say no to slobber. I just can’t do it. Years of my MIL’s Danes and slobber on walls, furniture, clothes, etc. – I’ll stick with my shedding Aussies. Slobber just … *shudder* Sorry. All you.

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