Podium = Owned

You may not know this, but Moses is an Olympic champion.

One of Moses' peers. (Source: The Advertiser)

We have the joy and privilege of belonging to a year-round dog club that creates classes and events where course graduates can work on things such as training, socialization (for both dogs and people), and fun and games.  And every spring, there are the annual Club Olympics.

The event, of course, is listed as a fun morning of games and challenges and lunch.  And it is.

Well, for most.

You see, The Husband and I are competitive people.  Very competitive.  So while it is fun and games, it’s also a competition to be won.  And we like to win.

Olympics consists of some games, relays, trivia, and then the “big” individual events: the sit-stay and the down-stay competitions.

Moses’ first shot at Olympics was at the end of class back in 2008, before joining Club.  He placed 3rd in the sit-stay competition, and made a good showing in the down-stay, but did not place in the top three.

2008 Down-stay - the beginning

What are the sit-stay and down-stay, you might ask?  Simple, really.  You place your dog in a sit or down and then they stay there.  Competition heats up as you take steps away from them, turn your back, or distractions such as other dogs, toys, and treats are added.  And you wait.  The distractions and challenge increase until the last dog remains.

Some Olympics sit-stay prep earlier this week.

Upon joining Club, we joked that we wanted to win 1st in both.  Much to our surprise, Club Olympics in 2009 came along and after intense challenges of treats, squeaky toys, and dogs playing between the finalists and our dogs – we did.

More Olympic training in the dog park. Warning: other people in the dog park look at you extremely oddly when you do this.

The same competitive edge took over in 2010, and despite a really good showing by some other Club dogs, Moses became the champion in both events for the second year in a row.

Moses and competitors, sit-stay, 2010

Moses and others, down-stay, 2010.

Needless to say, the pressure was on this year.

But was there ever any doubt?

2011 meant purple got added to the collection.

(Pictures from today’s events will hopefully be forthcoming, but I neglected my own camera.)


After three consecutive years, however, we’ve decided to go out on top.

That’s not to say that we won’t still go to Olympics for the fun and socializing or to help out, or we won’t still continue to practice and use these skills.  But it’s time to retire Moses from the competition.

Moses - Number 10 - Ten Commandments ... get it? Ha! (Original photo: D. Sandford/Getty Images)

Of course, in the event another all-star comes along and takes the next three years in a row, Moses does reserve the right to come out of retirement Michael Jordan-style for the ultimate show down.

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11 Responses to Podium = Owned

  1. I am PURPLE with envy!!! Our Best Friend had a decent stay when first trained, but it’s degraded through neglect. I am desperate to get him to stay when people come in, because he insists on rushing the door to sniff, and not *everyone* enjoys being rushed by a 75-lb. shepherd cross!

    And let’s face it, Moses’s phlegmatic, laid-back temperament is an asset in this kind of competition! A dog who need Xanax with breakfast has already lost!

  2. Kelsey says:

    You guys did so awesome yesterday with Moses! You should be very proud! It helped show me what areas we need to work on for sure…..I thought we were a shoe in for at least 2nd or 3rd but Kovu surprised us but also showed what areas we need to work on for next year! I hope you get all of Moses health things sorted out soon, he is such an awesome dog!

    • thatjenk says:

      Thanks, Kelsey! Kovu certainly has given Moses a run for his money – and you guys did awesome in the relays yesterday. They definitely added some new and unexpected forms of distractions this year for the stays that surprised quite a few people – us included!

  3. Kristine says:

    Congratulations on your third big win! Not that there was any doubt.

    This sounds like such a fun idea! It almost makes me want to move back to Calgary as I know Shiva would kick some serious butt. I have never been a competitive person, until I got a jock dog. Then all of a sudden I had to win, even the smallest of agility class competitions. It makes it more fun.

    • thatjenk says:

      Oh man – I can totally see Shiva dominating in the relays! And dog-musical-chairs (yes, there’s such a thing) – it would be great to see! And, of course, the agility, which we’ve never tried (yet) but looks like a tonne of fun. And would definitely fuel the competitive spirit.

  4. Shawna says:


    Just catching up on my blog reading…and i was thrilled to see that Moses remains undefeated and will be open to “Pulling a Jordan”.

    Our best to you all!

  5. Woot woot! Way to go, Moses! Three years in a row is quite impressive. Although, I’m not at all surprised. Moses is an all-star. 🙂

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