Blog Defibrillator

Wow.  Over two weeks since an entry.  When I went on vacation I was even able to keep a more regular schedule than this.

And it’s not just my writing that’s been neglected; I am way behind on reading my subscriptions!  I’m missing out on updates from the small blog-community I’ve slowly cultivated these past months.  I haven’t had time to check and make sure Gus is feeling better.  I haven’t read about how Shiva did at her day of agility.  I’ve missed out on updates from the dog park and razzing one person in particular about her and her BF’s walking regime (rain, snow, and shine!).

But I’m not gone forever, and I will get back to rabble-rousing on the Soapbox.  My husband even requested a new post, so I knew I was officially neglectful.  “And not about ASLC”, he said.  “Completely unrelated.”  So I have undertaken the task and decided upon a week deadline for it.

In the meantime, here is a cute puppy photo of Moses to make amends.  That should make up for it, right?

Maybe I should make it two.

Forgive what appears to be a raw-hide bone.  We were new dog-owners back then; we knew not what we did.

About ThatJenK
Writing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 90% pictures of my dogs; 10% miscellaneous opinions nobody asked for.

6 Responses to Blog Defibrillator

  1. Duncan says:

    I was getting antsy for a new post but I suppose baby Moses photos will tide me over for a bit

  2. Yeah, you better get back to nagging– I’ve been slacking off!

    Truthfully, I don’t know how ANY of these people read as many blogs as they do, and comment and post and etc. I can’t keep up, and I only read blogs I can hit the “subscribe” button to (haven’t figured out how an RSS feed works yet!). I haven’t done my taxes, my house is a mess, and I have a MAJOR Jewish holiday advancing on my quickly. I’m afraid of what my inbox and blog folder will look like after Passover! Okay, major anxiety attack heading this way– DUCK!

    (And baby Moses– adorable! Can I borrow him for Passover? He’ll make a great prop!)

    • thatjenk says:

      If my slacking leads to your slacking, I will never let it happen again!

      Ha! Moses would be a great Passover mascot. I wonder if he likes matzo?

  3. Awww…thanks for the shout-out. Gus is doing great! There, that will save you some blog reading 😉

    Although we’ve missed your posts, puppy Moses photos will definitely hold us over!

  4. Serene says:

    LOL Moses looks awesome!

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