The Puppy Bowl: Ridiculous or Sheer Genius?

Apparently there’s some big football game on today.  Whoop-de-doo.

Actually, this year will be the first time I check out Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl VI garnered over 7 million viewers. Puppy Bowl VII airs today.

The story behind the creation of the Puppy Bowl kills me – opportunity at its best. Animal Planet wanted a way to fill the rarely watched space opposite the Super Bowl, and decided to create the Puppy Bowl, where rescue puppies play on a mock football field, earning “puppy touchdowns” if they bring a toy into the end zone.  After 6 years, the Christmas yule log-like time filler has become quite the success.

And don’t get me wrong, cuteness is guaranteed, and no one can knock Animal Planet for featuring adoptable rescue pets.  I checked out a couple of short clips on YouTube, and they’re certain to put a smile on your face.

… if you watch in 5 minute intervals.  It doesn’t take long for my inner cynic to take over and start to zone in on the cheese.

Kitty half time show?  Hamsters in a blimp?  Bunny and/or chicken cheerleaders?  And apparently this year they will introduce a mock “kiss cam”.

I am beginning to think I’m not the intended audience.

Perhaps the funniest/most ridiculous is the human referee. I caught a glimpse of this fascinating job on some of the YouTube clips, and can’t decide if this guy is really lucky … or not. His job is to monitor the play, interrupt “unnecessary ruff-ness” between the puppies, and clean up any “penalties”.  I’m just picturing this guy in a pub, talking to a pretty girl: “Actually, I’m on TV… ever hear of the Puppy Bowl?”  Then again, this could also totally work in his favour – who’s to say?


Clearly the pups didn't see the flag. (Photo:

In any event, I like puppies more than I do the NFL, so the PVR is set and I’ll check out as much as I can stomach. (Though, to their credit, at least the puppies aren’t dressed up.)

If you’d like to check out the Puppy Bowl’s starting line up, check out Animal Planet’s website here.

I’m not sure if anyone out there calculates the odds for the Puppy Bowl, but I’d put my money on Mae for MVP.

Mae: 9 weeks old, Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix (photo:

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8 Responses to The Puppy Bowl: Ridiculous or Sheer Genius?

  1. Carrie Boyko says:

    A very thoughtful post about this curious event. I’ve had similar thoughts, but always end up deciding to leave the topic alone. With the event of Super Dog Sunday, I decided to show a few (2) clips and see what sort of feedback or interaction I get on those versus the pet pups in football themed pics. The jury is still out.

    In any case, thanks for linking up to our hop. Maybe next time you’ll have a football-themed pic? Hope so; it’s sort of the idea of all this. Nevertheless, thanks for your insight.

    Thanks for joining us for the first annual Super Dog Sunday Blog Hop here at All Things Dog Blog and 5 Minutes for Fido. The action is also going on at our Facebook page throughout the afternoon. After you “Like” us at Facebook, be sure to “Follow” us on Twitter. Don’t miss out on any of the photos, videos, commentary and all-out silliness as we continue to celebrate Super Bowl XLV with our own brand of Fido fun!

  2. Carrie Boyko says:

    That Mae is one scrumptious little pup that I’d love to add to my pack. Cute!

  3. Cynthia says:

    The water bowl-cam…now there’s a feature to watch! Actually, my Dog likes watching it….

    Enjoyed your great writing.

    • Although I’ve only seen the Puppy Bowl a couple of times (a few minutes each time), I have to agree with Cynthia on the water bowl camera. Nothing’s cuter than a puppy tongue!

      I totally agree with you. Five minutes intervals, at most!

  4. Stopping by to give a paw bump and a tail wag!
    Happy Sunday from Doggies and Stuff blog.

  5. Kristine says:

    I admit, I love the puppy bowl. I first saw it last year and I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. It probably is a bit too long – doesn’t need to be a full two hours – but I watched the whole thing this year anyway. You are right, it is totally cheesy. But sometimes I don’t mind that kind of thing. Especially when I am feeling cranky or stressed out, as I was on Sunday. It’s the perfect cure for my anxiety. Come to think of it, I kind of wish I had recorded it.

  6. miles says:

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  7. Rottweiler says:

    If I wasn’t such a lover of my Rottweilers I think I would love to have a Great Pyreenes or a Nwefoundland. they are such a delight at shows and I love their dispositions. Great post.

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